Founded with the idea of applying compilers and optimizers to new application areas, our task is one of the most challenging and most fundamental fields in computing: language design and implementation. Accuracy and attention to detail are critical.

Our first customer viewed us as an R&D project, and our considerable success from the very start has enabled to start a company focused on compiling enterprise languages to new backends. We remain a tightly-run, bootstrapped and privately-held company focused on bringing incredible technical solutions to our customers.

Our Mission

We tackle difficult engineering problems and are only satisfied when our customers exclaim, "Wow! You do what?!"

Operating Philosophy

We are rewarded by coming up with efficient and robust solutions to difficult engineering challenges.

  • We are 'hacker minded' - not just in R&D.
  • We have very high standards for quality.
  • We trust our team members to manage their own work.
  • We are proud of what we build.
  • We don't have to work in an office to be productive.
  • We are efficient - every meeting has a productive reason!

With that said, maintaining harmony between work and personal life is fundamental to all our team members.

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Our Team

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Customer-Facing Engineer

You have one key deliverable - ensuring that our partners and (future) customers realize the value unleashed by CompilerWorks' core technology. To do this you will grok the capabilities of our software and have the creativity to apply it in a diverse range of enterprise environments.


  • Enabling both direct and indirect sales.
  • Demonstrating the capabilities of our products to sophisticated engineering organizations.
  • Solving problems in the field - inevitably users do not understand the details of their data processing issues. You will have to use our software to help them navigate this minefield.


  • Be the technical face of CompilerWorks that quickly and easily articulates the value of CompilerWorks' software.
  • Broad knowledge of the Big Data, data warehouse and analytic space, including experience with legacy and cloud based data warehouse systems.
  • Articulate the analytical ecosystem architectures and trends, and provide technical advice as a trusted advisor.

The Ideal Candidate:

  • Awesome at dealing with customers.
  • Independent (and self-starter.)
  • hacking groovy configs and authoring yaml test cases:
    • yaml test cases you author will drive the engineering team - in addition to the existing 300K+ test cases!
    • The promise is you will never run into an issue that you author a yaml test case for again.
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Product Management

Our history demands that customer centricity is baked into our DNA. We have proven our core technology and are searching for a hands-on product leader to drive our go-to-market priorities. The right person for this job will intuitively see the potential and be excited by the opportunity.


  • Developing and managing our product roadmap taking into account:
    • the capabilities of our core technology;
    • existing customer requirements; and
    • new market(s) for our technology.
  • Setting and managing development priorities and timelines.
  • Orchestrating a distributed team of senior developers.


  • You will recognize the challenges of managing enterprise wide data processing from the perspective of both data analysis and data engineering departments.
  • You will understand the "data processing dynamics” in large organizations.
  • You will have experience with multiple main stream databases or data warehouses.

An outstanding candidate will enjoy convincing us that they are a perfect match for this very challenging and professionally rewarding job.

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Senior Developers/Architects

If you love solving tough programming challenges and avoiding organizational politics this might be the job for you.

Are you a senior developer/architect (all developers on our team have 10+ years of Java experience); who learns fast and continuously; who wants to understand everything from CPU caches to type systems?

You will have the experience to hit the ground running. In return for this, we offer the opportunity to truly spend your time learning and stretching your skills - something everybody claims, but very few actually offer.

The right person for the job will not necessarily know it all, but will learn what is required when it is required. You do not have to be a compiler expert.

We use Java, Gradle, findbugs, git, etc.

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BD, Sales and Marketing

We have a great list of customers and partners, and are considering how best to develop 'out‑bound everything.' A superlative candidate for this job will:

  • Intuitively understand the potential of our core technology;
  • Understand the world of data-processing inside large enterprises;
  • Know the dynamics of database migration to the cloud;
  • Have an extensive rolodex in the world of data-processing; and
  • Know how to achieve a lot with few resources.

You will convince us that you will add value and be creative in structuring a win-win package.

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